We are thrilled to learn that Norway is trail blazing within the Fashion Industry by leading the way and banning the use of fur from the runways at Oslo Fashion Week.

We are hoping that this trend will catch on to other Fashion Weeks, especially after the strong use of fur last season that we have seen mirrored throughout the high street – I’m frequently strolling around Brighton and seeing faux fur left right & centre and much to my dismay real fur too – most likely from vintage descent due to huge amount of second hand stores in this city.   I just don’t think the catwalk realise the power of their designs, how much they impact on our fashion consumption filtered down to the high street, making it fashionably trendy to wear real fur, and the effect that this has throughout the journey from catwalk to high street.  Why can these designers just use faux fur, if it is so necessary, and lead by responsible example to their fans.

Here at Beyond Skin we are delighted with the news about the fur ban at Oslo Fashion Week, and believe that it can only have a positive knock-on effect to other designers & trade shows.

The ban is in response to the good work of Mote Mot Pels (Fashion Against Fur), an anti-fur group that has gallantly won the support of many luxury clothing designers, and equally importantly the support of the press.  I think this type of cross industry public support is infectious and only highlights a lack of support from those who are not supporting so we have our fingers crossed that others shall be quick to follow suit.  We shall wait with baited breath to see how the rest of the Fashion Industry reacts…


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