Yesterday’s Fashion Revolution Day was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our fabulous talented shoemakers working in our factory in Alicante, Spain! Here they are producing and packaging up Beyond Skin shoes ready for our lovely customers.

Fashion Revolution 2016 Beyond Skin

What is Fashion Revolution?

Fashion Revolution was born on 24 April 2013 in the wake of the Rana Plaza factory collapse that killed over 1,100 people and injured 2,500 more. These people were making clothes for many of the familiar fashion brands we see on the high street. Fashion Revolution wants brands to be more honest about where their clothes are from, in what conditions they were made and who made them.

Fashion Revolution 2016 3

This year’s campaign, focusing on the need for transparency, was a resounding success, generating lots of articles, tweets and discussions. Fashion Revolution made a splash in the headlines too, with coverage in The Independent, Bustle, Vogue Italia, The Telegraph (twice), Huffington Post UK, Vice News, Grazia Spain, Refinery29, i-D, Dazed Magazine and Greenpeace, to name but a few. Bravo indeed!

Fashion Facts

According to i-D, “71% of major clothing companies believe modern day slavery occurs at some point in the making of their product, while just under 50% of brands can’t even name the factories where their garments are made.” And as founder of Fashion Revolution Carry Somers says, we can’t start to tackle exploitation until we can see it. Lack of transparency costs lives, so that’s why transparency is top of the list of priorities.

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By asking people to wear their clothes inside out, show the label and ask the brand #whomademyclothes, the connection between the garment workers and the garment wearers is made. Brands are asked to make the first step by gathering more information about their supply chains. After all, you can’t make sure your workers aren’t being exploited and environmental standards are being upheld if you don’t know where the products are made. Transparency equals accountability.

The Solutions

Even though Fashion Revolution Week has finished, there are so many ways you could get involved in helping this cause. Luckily you can be a part of the solution no matter how many global fashion brands you may or may not own!

Wear Ethical Fashion

Fashion Revolution 2016 Polka Beyond Skin Vegan Shoes

Livia Firth says, “Be an active citizen through your wardrobe”. By making ethical choices, you’re voting with your money for the kind of world you want to live in. For our ethical fashion brand recommendations, check out our ethical fashion outfit ideas for wedding guest attire, springtime, special occasions and bridalwear.

Email Fashion Brands Your Questions

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 09.32.54

One way to make your voice heard is to jot down a few questions in an email and ping it to the brands you shop from. There’s no better way to make brands aware that their customers care about this issue than directly letting them know. If enough people email, logic dictates that the question #whomademyclothes will appear on their FAQs section of their website.

Watch True Cost on Netflix

This is an incredibly important film to watch. Hear the garment workers’ stories and get a clearer understanding of the current situation in this hyper-informative 92 minute documentary. It’s only a few clicks away on Netflix and well worth your time.

Follow Ethical Fashion Organisations on Social Media

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There is a smorgasbord of different organisations working hard to stop injustice in the fashion industry for you to show your support on Facebook. By liking their page, you’ll keep up to date with the latest news in the fight for a more ethical fashion industry, and help raise awareness of this important issue.

Clean Clothes Campaign

Labour Behind the Label

Child Labor Free


Made In A Free World



Centre for Sustainable Fashion

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