What are vegan-friendly shoes?

Vegan footwear are created with no animal products with includes leather, suede, crocodile skin, sheepskin as well as silk. Pleather is typically made from polyurethane bonded to a fabric backing, and faux suede is made out of manufactured microfibres. Beyond Skin's vegan footwear are manufactured using durable Italian vegan leather, 100% recycled vegan suede, cream lacquered resin soles, recycled faux leather lining with a vegetable polymer coating, and a selection of Italian woven materials.

Are vegan shoes bad for the environment?

The majority of synthetic leather is composed of plastic and cotton, and while plastics are not environmentally ideal, when compared to the environmental impact of leather tanning, we believe vegan leather manufacturing is the lesser of two evils. Animal leather is tanned using potent chemicals in countries with little or no health and safety protections for workers, and little or no environmental protections. One of the chemicals often used for tanning called chromium is listed as one of the top ten biggest pollution problems in the world. Meanwhile textile technology is always advancing, with trailblazing materials made from natural fibres currently in development. On balance, we feel faux leather is a more environmentally-conscious alternative to animal leather.

Why are vegan shoes so expensive?

Beyond Skin vegan shoes are more expensive than bigger fashion brands because our footwear is produced within the European Union by talented shoemakers who are protected by employment laws and health and safety regulations, avoiding the dangerous conditions and poverty pay that occurs elsewhere in the fashion industry that typically permits prices to be so cheap. We also found out that fashion is the second biggest polluting industry after oil, so we wanted to produce using only the highest quality recycled vegan materials for our shoes and boots. As we’re trying to create shoes that tick all the boxes of not harming anyone during production, not harming the environment and not harming animals, this makes our vegan footwear more a higher price point.

Can you polish vegan shoes?

Thankfully you don't need to stock up on expensive shoe polish for vegan leather shoes. As vegan leather is usually created using polyurethane plastic, all you need to do to take care of them is wipe your shoes with a wet cloth. Some fabric protectors are also suitable for microfibre suede (we recommend always checking the label on the fabric protector).

Why buy Beyond Skin vegan shoes?

Fret not! No humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of your shoes. Beyond Skin designs vintage-inspired animal-free footwear, such as irresistible pointed-toe vegan stilettos, beautiful over-the-knee zip-up kitten heel vegan boots, vintage-inspired flat faux snakeskin vegan loafers, elegant ivory damask vegan bridal shoes and bold chunky sole vegan Chelsea boots. If you're looking for fashionable women's vegan shoes and boots, you’ve come to the right place!